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Alex Timbers

The purpose of this brand is building an interactive network that’s of use to the members involved - both assisting in and selling a service of music marketing and production. 

For fans, artists and those in the business, this network is the link between fans on the search for new music, niche-based independent artists and industry personnel such as promoters, engineers, mentors and publishers.

This business also helps artists who want to build their network and sell their music online - here it's believed enough profit can be earned to make a living through online sales with the right marketing strategy. 

This brand… 

Can establish the online presence of artists and musicians.

Establishes a firm marketing strategy based on the culture artists can create. 

Promotes artists music through email, targeted advertising and social media campaigns.

Uses tried and tested strategies for zeroing in on specific audiences with ways to understand them so as to gain additional fans and maintain their support.

Works with artists in music production ensuring their work is of industry standard upon distribution. 

Acts as middleman in connecting relevant contacts in the network - artists to artists, fans to fans or fans to artists - using the network to benefit the members of this music community. 

Provides music fans with a library of artists according to preference...

Adapting To The New Industry

Introducing new music cultures created by artists for fans to view their new favourite artists in a different and clearer light. 

The long term goal is to be a safe haven for independent artists/musicians who can turn to each other when needed - being in contact with like-minded individuals in the same industry. 

Music Fans! Looking for new artists to admire?

If your a music lover, you might be interested in signing up with your email and profiling your music tastes to be made aware of artists in the network who match your music preferences. In doing so you help support the many talents in today’s industry who’re often lost in today's ocean of musicians.

Don’t miss out on your new favourite artists! Methods used by the musicians of our new age is not only to create music but a culture - music being one aspect of it. Sign up for access to a community of talents who have a culture to explore, enjoy, support and be a part of. Who’s culture of which values do you think you’d relate to most? Sign up and see for yourself…




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Alex Timbers is a music producer, composer, marketer and promoter, sound engineer and writer/songwriter with a first class BA degree in music production and sound engineering and currently continuing those studies at masters level at dBs Music University.  He’s been producing since 2009 and now has sound engineering abilities endorsed by industry professionals. Constantly researching music marketing and promotion concepts and developing an understanding of the way this vital aspect of the music industry works, time is now devoted entirely to developing his expertise, networking, music composition and production and gaining more experience and understanding in the industry.

Having never knew a single person outside of his own circles that were in any way music orientated, he came to appreciate how beneficial it is to be connected with individuals in one's own industry - as such it's worth making available a network to join for the benefit of artists with few people outside their own circles to turn to - consistently building this network (mostly offline up until recent months) is the ongoing aim.

Alex now specialises primarily in music marketing and networking online and through this works with a growing network of artists and business-orientated individuals - connecting those who are of most help to each other - assisting the entrepreneurial culture of the new music industry. 


Choose This Brand For

Global Reach 

Cultivated relationships with those experienced in the business is occurring when present at key music scenes in various countries - not to mention the experienced professionals involved in the network from the get-go. This brand can notify you when these travels take place and work with you to maximise opportunities for your brand and the chance of success with your music.

The Right Solutions


Help and guidance in essential practises from ever-changing marketing and promotional strategies to the soundest music production service, exploring your niche and genre, targeting your audience and who'll support you - ensuring your direction is clear with a firm understanding for moving forward. 


Expert Guidance

In close contact with industry professionals, your music can be analysed and improved regarding your production and promotion. There's always a course of action to take, choosing the right ones in your marketing and promotion plans is fundamental. 

There's a FREE, valuable PDF containing quick tricks and tips on mixing here, which contains to-the-point expert engineering techniques with insights into production.