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This brand is a network of industry personnel available to market the music of determined, serious and quality artists who are encouraged to sign up for free to make yourself available to the networks community of fans, musicians and businessmen and women. 

Marketing Music In Our New Age 

Music Marketing is an essential and yet often overlooked aspect of the music business nowadays - neglected not least of all by artists themselves - today’s industry suggests you can get further with a bad song marketed well than a good song marketed badly. 
So what kind of artist are you? Do you aim for No.1 on the charts and keeping your music in tune with mainstream trends or do you occupy your own small corner of the industry with a quality-over-quantity support base? Today's industry is an ocean of fascinating talents of all kinds - but it’s an ocean nonetheless, which means the business of marketing is more important than ever. 

What’s Music Marketing? 

It’s strategically sharing your music, in a nutshell.  Marketing your music is an ongoing process that consistently builds and nurtures your identity and support-base. The on-going struggle of an ever-growing number of musicians is testimony to how crucial methods of sharing/marketing your music are. 

So, how can you manage how you're perceived? It depends on who by. Ensuring your music is perceived positively tends to be difficult when promoting a lo-fi rap album to a death-metal scene. Once you know and understand your product (you and your music), you’ll make easier determining who your audience is - which is another aspect commonly neglected by artists.

With the tools of online marketing today your audiences who engage most with you can be tracked, hunted and recycled - with the aim of providing them with enough value to convert them to true and permanent supporters over time. Without marketing in general you risk a disloyal fanbase, missed opportunities, failure to adapt to ever-changing times, an unclear idea of where you are and where you're going, absence from the centre of affairs, just to name a few!

In being part of this brand, you’ll come to realise new ways of marketing yourself and creating additional value when selling your music - it’s simply a networking community based on mutual benefit in membership. 

Signing up with your email here is to make yourself available to a growing network of driven individuals who you can turn to when experiencing inevitable difficulties. Here you’re encouraged and assisted in handling your music business independently like the music entrepreneur in this new age.

Help build a community for today’s artists by signing up with your email and be kept up-to-date on what’s required to market your music effectively today.

Get in touch to discuss your marketing position and requirements, determine your direction and find out about the processes, prices and packages by clicking the link below and joining the emailing list.

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Music Publishing

Who handles your copyrights management and securing of ownership upon distribution? Hopefully you register with PRS and the like. In addition to the sales you claim in your own nation, in the case that your music is used abroad you may want to contact particular sub-publishers (foreign publishers).  Ensure you receive every penny you are owed!

Social Media Campaigns

Utilise all of your social media platforms more for creating culture for supporters to follow to ensure you’re driving traffic to your work and products than for pushing for music sales. By joining this brands network, you'll develop new and outstanding ways to gain exposure, obtain leads and custom, drive your music sales and more. See to it that your online presence is impeccable.

Email Content

Email marketing will build your contact list, support base and increase the quality and value of your content. This is a great way to nurture your fanbase and add value to your brand while keeping engagement and interaction consistently active. Of course, phone numbers or any means of contacting can work, but don’t make the mistake of believing nobody uses emails anymore, they do!

Engaging Your Audience 

Ensure on all channels and platforms you use that you’re tracking your individual audience members. Concern yourself with them and know their demographics/characteristics in order to provide the highest quality product. After all - it’s not about you, it’s about the value you can offer others - how much value can you provide that will benefit them. Create culture for them to be a part of and get to know them like the back of your hand - view your support base as your family - you’re nothing without them. 

Business Content Management 

When you create content online, whoever you are as a person comes out in how it's perceived, that's why it's important that your content is a genuine product of you. As a business (and remember, being an artist is a business), being part of this network will assist in and inspire unique ways to plan, organise and manage your on-going content so that your online presence remains consistent, strategically enticing and of high value.





What does Marketing & Promotion involve? Here are some brief processes...



Secure your identity by branding yourself and who you are as an artist

Identify and seek out your specific target audience - make your audience come to you with inbound marketing

Heavy research and networking to build your support-base

Building your list of true supporters (1,000 genuine supporters are worth 10,000 meagre fans)

Nurturing and maintaining your support-base



Promotional newsletters keeping your followers updated 

Email marketing and advertising

Experiment with efficient techniques in targeted social media campaigns

Writing regular blogs on you and your activities, generating awareness and exposure

SEO marketing, generating leads and ensuring organic custom traffic 

International Networking - presenting you to music scenes your music will resonate mostly with



Ensure your music is ready to sell on the leading music platforms - Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and more

Handling your copyrights and royalties ensuring you receive every penny you are owed

The international promotional campaigns are opportunities to increase your royalties as your music plays elsewhere in the world


Marketing Assistance   


Research the market. That means understanding you, your product and the audience for it. The more you know yourself and what makes you and your product/music unique (why you over someone else?) the better you’ll understand the people who’re most likely to buy from you. Get creative with methods of generating exposure for yourself and your music. Nowadays you can find out where your ideal audience is online, contact influential blogs that you know your audience reads, which artists who you’re most similar to whose fan base you could engage, emailing your contacts with quality content and so much more. 

Your Network 


Take full advantage of the online world and ensure your presence is firm and effective while networking on and offline. Networking is being active at least in your local music scenes. Engaging with music fans, artists, those in the business, etc. Keep yourself sharp with practise. Prepare yourself a sales pitch, ways to get to know the characteristics of potential supporters you should target, methods of exchanging value for emails/contact info, etc. The purpose being to get acquainted with potential supporters and industry personnel and maintaining relationships with them - just like the purpose of this website; it’s about mutual benefit.



To maintain acquired support, add value. Think much more about how you can benefit others than about yourself. Open various channels of communication and engage regularly with your support with strictly quality content. Communicate with them individually. Understand them and you’ll know where else to look for additional support. 




When promoting, always focus on what’s in it for the buyer; describe what they’ll hear and how they’ll relate to it. Also, use your brand and it’s logo for merchandise. Open a shop even, sell anything from clothes to jewellery or even mugs - get creative. Hard copy sales such as CD’s still work too, make no mistake. There’s a market for anything, you could sell vinyls if promoted well. The idea here - in niche-based marketing - is to earn a fanbase one by one of such quality that they’re happy to spend the money on you.




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