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JazzHop Rap Project  

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Taking it back to original, urban styles of realism, authenticity and traditional HipHop/Rap. 

This is the thinking person’s street-smart rap project consisting of business-minded content and serious poetry over cultured and melodic old school-styled JazzHop beats involving some of the genres greatest rappers and producers of today.

This project promotes and embraces the modern JazzHop movement and some of its best artists as music enters a new era in the 2020's 


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These updates aim to be useful, informative and thought-provoking in presenting new ideas and outlooks, experiences and exploration of the modern music industry as we begin this new age. Covering topics from music marketing and production to travelling and networking to personal concepts and general activity, this blog is an interesting read for a wide-ranging audience from artist/musicians to music fans and supporters. The purpose being to get you thinking with posts of consistent quality and out-of-the-box ideas - often inspiring and motivational or controversial and being upfront on some harsh truths - read for yourself.


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Also offering a mixing and mastering engineering service that will bring out the absolute best in production of artists' music.  Endorsed by and in contact with experienced professionals, this brand will ensure your music is brought to industry standards.

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music producer in UK


Your Network 

This brand is a network connecting like-minded individuals from fans to artists and artists to each other for collaboration or business purposes - building your network.


Learn how to produce or market your music effectively. Keep up to date with the blog for a comprehensive understanding of music marketing and production.



This brand can assist in music publishing and distribution for artists ensuring your music owned by you, on the world’s leading platforms and where profit can be driven online.


Worldwide reach. Immersed in music scenes around the world, consistently nurturing a growing network of contacts that can be of use to those in the network.




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